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Clinically proven
younger & tighter skin

Clinically proven
younger & tighter skin

Reverse and prevent signs of ageing and achieve younger, tighter and glowing skin in as little as 5 minutes use per day.

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Veauty Dot


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The Veauty Dot is the world's only home fractional radio-frequency device. It uses clinic-grade technology to penetrate to the dermis layer of your skin, naturally increasing collagen & elastin by up to 288%.


With only 5 minutes use per day, the Veauty Dot is an easy to use, affordable solution for clinically proven results granting younger, tighter and firmer skin.

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What is radio-frequency?

Radio-frequency is an electromagnetic wave, just like light! But the wavelengths are much longer making it very good at penetrating.


The radio-frequency will safely penetrate your skin all the way to the dermis layer. Here it will cause micro damage causing your skin to repair by producing more collagen and elastin.

When do I see results?

Some users report seeing improvement to the skin in as little as 5 days! But others could take a few weeks - everyone's skin is genetically different.

For best results with the Veauty Dot, it is best to use it consistently as part of your beauty routine as your results will keep improving year on year.

How often do I need to use this?

We recommend using the Veauty Dot 1-3 times per week. We advice against daily treatments, like muscles when you train them, they need recovery time before being trained again in order to grow - and it is the same with collagen.

Will this cause facial fat loss?

No, due to the unique design of the Veauty Dot, we can ensure it only penetrates to the dermis layer of your skin and not the subcutaneous level.

Facial fat loss is a big factor when it comes to the ageing of your face, so you need to make sure to use a device that will not cause this.

Is it safe? Side effects?

The Veauty Dot is 100% non-invasive and uses very safe technology that has been clinically tested with no side effects. Remember, it will only penetrate to the dermis layer of your skin - no further!


Frequency type: Multi-polar radio-frequency

Frequency: 1MHZ

Standard voltage: 100V-240V

Power: 5W

Battery: 3-5 hours

Size: 30*25*10cm

Material: Plastic/metal

Certification: CE

Power source: Rechargeable battery

Weight: 130g (without base)

               210g (with base)


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